New Patient Registration

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Information For Patients

For reasons outside of our control it is taking a considerable time before your medical/ computer records are received here from the practice you are currently proposing to leave. To ensure that we are able to treat you correctly and safely we would ask you to contact your existing practice and ask them to provide you with the following:

  • A computerised detailed Patient Summary (this will provide our GPs and Practice Nursing Team here with  any existing conditions that you may have, any allergies that you may have and the medication that you are currently receiving).
  • To give this practice enough time to arrange with you an appropriate medication review, please ensure that your existing practice provides you with two months supply of repeat medication before you reorder with us.
  • We would also suggest that if you are currently having any tests or investigations that these are completed with your existing practice before or register with us – again this will help ensure that your care is managed safely.