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Dr G Hicking - New GP Partner

We would like to welcome Dr Hicking to Wollaton Park Medical Centre who joins us on 2nd August 2019 as a GP Partner. 

Changes for ordering your repeat medicines

We are currently reviewing the way repeat medicines are ordered at WOLLATON PARK MEDICAL CENTRE

You have regular repeat medicine(s) from the practice which may currently be requested for you by the pharmacy.  From 1st April 2019 we will no longer be accepting repeat medicines requests from the pharmacies.

Why have we done this?

·         To enable clinicians to manage and monitor their prescribing efficiently , ensuring patient safety 

·         To encourage patients to manage their own medicines better

·         To ensure that patients only order and receive what they require

·         To reduce medicines waste

You or your carer will now need to order your repeat medicines directly from the practice.  The pharmacy can still collect the prescription from the practice and deliver to your home if needed.

When you next order your repeat medicines, please do take time to order only the medicines you need for the next month and use up any old stock before you order any further items.  If you do not need one of your medicines this time they will not be removed from your repeat medicines list and you can request the medicine the next time you need them.

You can order your repeat medicines as follows:

·         You can order your medicines online by computer or smartphone – enquire at the practice for more information. You will need to provide ID to register for this service

·         By dropping a request in  - on your ordering slip, or just write down you name and ID details, and what you require on a slip of paper

·         By post – you can post in your request

If you find it difficult to order your medicines using any of these methods please do not hesitate to contact the practice.

Many thanks for your cooperation


Stop Smoking Service

Friends and Family June 2019 Results - 90% of patients would recommend the Practice to a Friend or Family member.

Please can patients who are attending an appointment with Nurses and Health Care Assistants please make sure they arrive on time. Otherwise this does have a knock on effect to other patients by making the clinics run late. Patients who attend late will be asked to re-book their appointment

Process for Travel Vaccinations

We have changed the procedure involved regarding travel vaccinations. Please read the information on the link below;